Fire Engineering

Verification of slab finite element model under fire (Martinez 2021)


My group has contributed several research advances in the field of fire safety engineering. Most of our work is described in detail in our published papers. Specific contributions include:

  • A coupled finite element-computational fluid dynamics model for studying structural response under realistic fire conditions

  • A computational framework for the reliability assessment of structures in fire

  • Finite element analysis of structures threatened by simultaneous column loss (i.e., progressive collapse) and fire

  • Finite element simulation of structures subjected to traveling fires

  • A computing infrastructure for the integration of sensor data, event detection, and visualization modules, i.e., Real-Time Fire-Monitoring (RTFM), which can be downloaded from our GitHub account: UMcompute.


Over the past several years, I have contributed to professional societies, research journals, and conferences in a number of ways. A complete list of activities can be found on my CV. The following is a list of organizations that I have been involved in that are pioneering the fire safety engineering profession:


I was a contributing author to the following books on fire safety engineering.